• Creating more jobs and growth locally – We need to attract more investments locally that are fair and green to create a vibrant local economy.  Bring the concept of Cooperation to Stoke North and Kidsgrove.  Create Regional Banks so that there is regional growth, not just London centric growth.    


    •  Local Health and the NHS – Fight for the return of the traditional NHS Public Health departments for effective health improvement of local people.  Repealing David Cameron’s top down reorganisation of the health service. 


    • Education and empowerment for local people – I will ensure that local people feel empowered and included in the development of the locality.  I will work towards an education system to meet all learning styles.  Support for pupil affected by other social factors – this will also allow pupils with learning difficulties and disabilities to fulfil their potential. 


    • A Fairer Welfare system – Stand against the unnecessary treatment and discrimination that claimants with disabilities and ill health face during applications, medical assessment and appeals. Making welfare benefit applications simpler, accessible with sensible criteria.      


    •  Housing – we need to increase our housing stock and increase choices of affordable housing options.   A housing system that takes the needs of people’s financial circumstances (particularly young people) into consideration.  

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